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Discover our cutting-edge optical bench and imaging platforms meticulously designed in France, ideal for academic research and industrial applications.

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eye4you : Advanced Imaging Technology

Founded by the well-known Photon Lines Group, which is an expert in imaging solutions since its establishment in 2001, eye4you emerges as a distinguished entity specializing in the production of optical bench and imaging platforms. The R&D department is based in France and it is made of 8 engineers with very complementary skills.

After many years of development eye4you is now able to offer a suite of crafted solutions tailored to the exacting demands of industrial applications and academic research.

Today we provide 4 different products : eyeSTREAM, eyePIV, eyeSPICE, and eyeMOTION.



As an eyeMOTION plugin, his innovative GPU-based optical flow algorithm provides the fastest flow analysis on the market to its already powerful digital imaging software host.


A complete digital imaging system and surely the most polyvalent of its kind.


A powerful spectral imaging software platform behind an intuitive interface providing a full control over both spectral imaging cameras and acquired data.

Introducing eye4you

Here is the last interview of our directors, Eric Dréan and Lionel Gérard, to introduce eye4you. During it you will be able to discover the exciting adventure of these two entrepreneurs who started with the activity of distributing optical instruments in France and who today manufacture their own solution. Many steps to get there with the expansion of the Photon Lines Group and especially the creation of an R&D department. They explain their choice to you: the name eye4you, the products and their ambitions. It’s all in the video, we wish you an excellent viewing!

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